Promoting Life Long Learning

About Tameside u3a

Welcome to our website. May I tell you a little about Tameside u3a, who we are and what we have to offer everyone.


Currently, we are one of over 1000 U3A groups spread across the U.K. Our ethos is to offer facilities for leisure, recreation and life long learning to anyone retired or semi retired living in the relevant area. Our u3a, which started over 30 years ago, still adheres to these principles..


Management of our affairs, is undertaken by a committee of elected members responsible for the administration, control and   welfare of the group. Elections to the committee take place at the Annual General Meeting held each October.

Our year runs from September to August. On the third Monday of the month there is an opportunity for members  to interact together in friendship either listening to interesting talks or taking part in social events.  The first meeting is Monday, 20th September.


During the week, co-ordinators and members participate in the activities shown in the programme or listed on this website. We also have various educational/general interest outings running through the year. Details and venues for these are announced at the Monday meetings and are shown on our website.


If, after looking at the website, you have any questions or queries, please contact us either by phone or email and we will be pleased to help you.

Looking forward to having your company.

Anne Davies,


MEMBERSHIP FEES - the registration fee is £12.00 per annum. This covers administration and membership fees due to the Third Age Trust.

SESSION FEES - The charge for each meeting attended is £2

If you are unable to attend registration, download the form from here and  enrol by post by sending a S.A.E. to the Membership Secretary Mrs A Smith, 3 Critchley Close, Hyde SK14 5PA – Tel. 0161 366 6888. Please pay by cheque made payable to Tameside u3a. (no cash) and state which activities you would like to attend.