Grafton Centre, Grafton St,

Hyde. SK14 2AX
4th Friday - 10am til 12 noon

Sue Cruden & Brenda Bouffler


Thinking of trying something new this year? 


Then why not come along to the History Group? 

The History Group meet on the fourth Friday of every month except December at 10:00am at the Grafton Centre. We’re a lively, friendly group who enjoy learning together about the past. Our programme is determined by the interests of the group and we decide together what we will study. 

Having completed our study of Spanish history we have chosen to study the history of Greece from Ancient Greece to Modern Day Greece.

  January 28th

Introduction and background

The Minoans

The Mycenaeans

The Oracle at Delphi

Major Greek Gods and Goddesses


February 25th

Brief recap of January meeting

The Trojan War

Olympic Games

First Messenian War

Meeting on Friday, April 22nd
Brief recap of March meeting

Peloponnesian War

Democracy restored


Heredotus and Thucydides




Philip ll and the League of Corinth



Meeting on Friday, May 27th

Brief recap of April meeting

Alexander the Great




The Roman Empire and the Battle of Corinth

10 Great Greek Inventions


    Volunteers will have prepared information on each of the topics to present to the group as a basis for further discussion.

Please come along and join us… no prior knowledge is needed but we’re sure you will learn something new. 

Anyone who would like to join our group is very welcome to get in touch through the website.


The charge is £2.00 per session when attending.