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If you are concerned that a Monday meeting may be cancelled because of bad weather, you can either look at the Tameside U3A website or contact one of your Group Co-ordinators OR

Contact the Secretary on 07903 556923

Dear Member,

I sincerely hope that you have kept safe and well during the weeks of self isolating.
Now we are being introduced back into the "real world", the Committee and I think you may be wondering what is going to happen to our U3A.
At the moment, our September registration date is in the hands of the three centres we use for our groups and U3A National Office who will expect us to run within their guidelines.
Once we have been made aware of everyone's requirements then, and only then, after consulting with Group Co-ordinators, will we be able to advise you of a registration date and what it will entail.
Our sole aim is to get everyone back together again but it has to be achieved safely and responsibly, so please will you continue to look at the website for ongoing information.
In the meantime, continue keeping the three rules, keep safe, keep well and keep happy.
Our Very Best Wishes,
Dorothy M
For Tameside U3A Committee.
During the "lockdown" period, there has been a change of Co-ordinators for two of our Groups.
a) Art (Painting & Drawing). After running the Group so successfully for many years, Sylvia Main has stepped down and will continue painting and drawing without any responsibility.
b) Singalongers. Helen Langford has run this Group since it began but has now decided to step down on health grounds, however, she will continue to support the Group.
To both Sylvia and Helen, we say a huge THANK YOU for all the work you have undertaken over the years. It is dedication such as yours that makes it possible for our programme to function.
We also say WELCOME and THANK YOU to Keith Robinson who is the new Co-ordinator for the Art (Painting & Drawing) Group and June Gaunt who has taken over the Singalongers. It means "new beginnings" for both Groups and June and Keith have our full support.
Dorothy M
For Tameside U3A Committee

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