Art (Painting & Drawing)






Town Hall, Corporation St,

Hyde. SK14 1AL
Wednesdays -10 til 12 noon

Keith Robinson

0161 368 7895

About us:-

We are a friendly, enthusiastic self help group which meets weekly in the Rutherford Suite at Hyde Town Hall. The fee for attendance is £2.00 per session.

Members are free to undertake whatever they would like to do, including drawing or painting in any medium (watercolours, acrylics, pastels, oil paints, pencil etc). Whilst most of the members of the group work from photographs / subjects of their own choice, they do so at their own pace. Everyone is happy to share knowledge and ideas and to help each other out with useful "tips" or just as "another pair of eyes".


If you think you have no artistic skills, think again and come and try your hand anyway.

We will be delighted to help in any way we can. Besides, it can be good fun.

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